Database Administrator (DBA) – PostgreSQL

Sarvatra is always looking for talented people to become its team members. We realize that productive people are always a good addition to our organization. So if you have an acumen for managing critical databases, join in!

Position Objective:  To manage PostgreSQL databases on physical and virtual machines.

No. of Vacant Positions:   1

Department: Infrastructure & Networking
Project Location(s): Pune
Education: BCA, BCS, BSc, MCA, BE


  • Database software installation, configuration and manage PostgreSQL DB on physical and virtual machines
  • Backup and Recovery (pg_dump/pg_dumpall, pgbackrest, pg_basebackup)
  • Maintenance tasks like reorg, reindexing, Vacuum, analyze, partition etc.
  • Database upgrade and migration
  • Performance tuning for high throughput
  • Resolving Connectivity and from tools and Applications
  • Monitoring PostgreSQL through scripts.
  • Monitoring PostgreSQL jobs/maintenance plans.
  • Provide 24×7 production support for the database and application issues.
  • Executing scripts in production environment.


  • 3+ years of solid PostgreSQL DBA experience in managing critical 24/7 applications.
  • Good Knowledge of architecture and concepts.
  • DR setup knowledge on Streaming Replication and Logical Replication.
  • Good knowledge of functionalities tools like pgbadger, repmgr, pgadmin.
  • Good knowledge in switchover/failover and switchback/failback.

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