Merchant POS

Sarvatra provides its partners with cutting-edge technology solutions for Card Acceptance through Hybrid EDC (Electronic Data Capture) terminals. Popularly known as POS (Point of Sale), this mode will involve the installation of an EDC machine and POS at payment acceptance points.

The GPRS/EDC/MPOS will be installed at the store location and will provide instantaneous card validation, charge slip generation, and finally electronic settlement at the end of day. Payment of these transactions will be made vide a credit to a pre-determined Bank Account on the next working day.

The Sarvatra EDC terminals will help the merchant accept all cards — RUPAY, VISA, VISA ELECTRON, MASTERCARD and MAESTRO — issued in India. The enablement of Merchant POS service results in customer satisfaction and stickiness with the merchant. Also, accepting digital payment is safer for the merchant than accepting cash payment.


  • Settlement: Merchant needs to do manual settlement at EOD (End of Day) to get funded on T+1 day (Transaction Date + 1 day). The amount will get credited directly to Merchant’s Bank A/c.
  • Terminal Servicing: We have dedicated technical team for servicing the POS terminals.
  • Merchant Acquiring Call Center: We provide our Merchants with facility of having a Call Center to resolve issues, if any.
  • Relationship Manager: We would also assign a Relationship Manager for handling day-to-day requirements.
  • Support Material: EDC rolls and promotional materials like pamphlets, glow signs, and stickers stating acceptance of debit / credit cards shall be provided as and when required.

benefits to banks

  • New Current Accounts will be opened in the Bank by Merchants.
  • Banks can utilize the Merchant float.
  • New Customer Acquisition: Increased transactions lead to more references for new accounts, which will generate more business for the Banks in long run. Also, reduces attrition of Customers.
  • Continuous flow of funds in accounts helps in increasing the CASA balance of Banks.
  • Visibility at Merchant location leads to marketing for the Banks.
  • Reduction in cash deposit and long teller lines at the Bank.
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I am happy with the pace of work (in developing the UPI solution for ICICI Bank). It is also very encouraging the way you are tracking the progress. I am more confident that we can meet the deadline successfully.

Rahul Joshi
Former Head - Digital Channels, ICICI Bank Ltd.

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