AEPS Switching Services

Govt. of India (GOI) always looks forward to provide ease in banking facility to semi-urban and rural areas. As an approach towards this goal, GOI along with RBI, NPCI and UIDAI proposed a solution of eKYC and AEPS.

  • eKYC (Electronic Know Your Customer) removes all physical identification barriers to open an account. An individual can open an account with the help of Aadhaar number only.
  • AEPS (Aadhaar Enabled Payment System) empowers bank customers to access their bank accounts with the help of their Aadhaar number.

AEPS allows the customer of the bank to perform various card less transactions based on his Aadhaar Number and Biometric data through Micro ATMs installed at Bank Premises, BC Locations in the network of the bank and NFS.

Sarvatra is the first authorized Service Provider (ASP) of NPCI has developed Aadhaar Enabled Payment Services under Sponsorship module. Our AEPS solution is a secured and user-friendly solution which offers entire range of services from on-boarding a customer (via eKYC) to enabling customers to access their accounts using their Aadhaar number.

Sarvatra Micro ATM has functional integration with AEPS and eKYC, in addition to allowing RuPay card-based On-us and Off-us transactions on Micro ATMs (POS Terminals).

Sarvatra AEPS solution is available on wireless devices (POS terminal & Mobile) and can be installed anywhere. It also supports the PMJDY (Pradhan Mantri Jan-Dhan Yojana) objective of serving the un-banked and under-banked population of the country.

sub-membership model

Any bank which is not live on AEPS-NFS Network can become Sub-Member of Member Bank for AEPS. Member Bank is the bank certified and approved by NPCI as a “Sponsor Bank” for Switching Services. Any bank can use shared Sarvatra® Micro ATM Switch for performing the transactions through Aadhaar Number and Biometric Data authentication.

  • NPCI acts as Authenticated Service Agency (ASA) / KYC Service Agency (KSA) of UIDAI
  • Sub-Member Bank acts as Authenticated User Agency (AUA) / KYC User Agency (KUA) of UIDAI
  • Sarvatra shall act as Technology Service Provider being certified ASP of NPCI

e-kyc and aeps transactions

  • Account opening through eKYC
  • Card-less Transactions using Aadhaar No. and Biometrics:
    • Balance Enquiry
    • Mini Statement
    • Cash Withdrawal
    • Cash Deposit
    • Fund Transfer: Aadhaar to Aadhaar  (Intra and Inter Bank)
    • Funds Transfer: Aadhaar to Account (Intra Bank only)
    • Purchase
  • Best Finger Detection (BFD) – UIDAI has come up with the BFD service for better biometric match during authentication
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I am happy with the pace of work (in developing the UPI solution for ICICI Bank). It is also very encouraging the way you are tracking the progress. I am more confident that we can meet the deadline successfully.

Rahul Joshi
Former Head - Digital Channels, ICICI Bank Ltd.

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