EFT Switching Services

Sarvatra offers EFT Switching Services to Banks with existing CBS hosts. For enabling authentication, verifications and appropriate routing of transactions to the respective banks of the customers, we provide a world-class EFT Switch using international standard ISO 8583 protocol, which validates the customer card, the ATM/POS terminal, and the PIN, and then forwards the transaction toNational Financial Switch (NFS) and back.

After successful launching of Switching Services through NFS, National Payment of Corporation (NPCI) has now decided to launch RuPay Debit Cards. A Debit card is a plastic card that provides the cardholder electronic access to his or her Bank Account(s) at a financial institution and an ATM card only allows drawing cash from the account through ATM (Automated Teller Machine). A Debit card allows drawing cash from the account through ATM and along with cash withdrawal purchasing at a shop by swapping the debit card on Point of Sale (POS) terminal without cash. The value of the purchase is automatically deducted from the Bank account.  A RuPay Debit Card allows the cardholder to purchase by just swiping the card on RuPay POS at Merchant establishment and E-com services along with cash withdrawal at POS and ATM withdrawals.

Note: Banks have to apply for Cash at POS transactions to Reserve Bank of India.

At present there are 200,000+ RuPay enabled ATMs and 1.1 million+ RuPay enabled POS Terminals.

To join the NFS network, all the Bank requires is to have a 24×7 available CBS and connectivity to an EFT switch. EFT Switch infrastructure will be provided by Sarvatra, a vendor certified by NPCI (National Payment Corporation of India). This EFT switch will allow bank to issue ATM/Debit cards and will drive the ATMs, POS, E-Commerce transactions of the bank.


  • Banks can use Sarvatra’s shared infrastructure under the ASP model for:
    • Issuing RuPay ATM, Debit, EMV as well as KCC cards
    • Deploying ATMs and POS terminals to acquire transactions on NFS network
  • Sarvatra’s EFT Switch enables the customers to transact on ATMs and POS terminals on RuPay network across the country and on E-Commerce platform using Debit cards
  • Banks can become direct members of NPCI or sub-members of leading sponsor banks like ICICI Bank, HDFC Bank, SBI, IDBI Bank and many more.
  • We provide sophisticated self-service web-based interface for monitoring, card management, reconciliation and MIS
  • In-built configurable transaction fee charging module, transaction alerts on SMS to customers

market share

  • Sarvatra
  • Other ASPs

With 54% market share in RuPay NFS sub-membership, Sarvatra is a clear market leader.

card management & allied services

Card Management is a tedious and complicated process-driven activity. We offer our client banks end-to-end card management services, right from design to delivery:

  • Design of Welcome Kit (includes Welcome Letter, Instruction / Terms & Conditions sheets, Envelop with Bank branding, Customer Card, and PIN Mailer printing, if required)
  • Card design; coordination with NPCI and card manufacturer for design approval
  • Arranging for sample cards from the card manufacturer for testing
  • Batch verification; Card inspection, verification, and dispatch
  • ‘Block Card’ process for lost, bad, and damaged cards, and ‘Replace Card’ process
  • 24×7 Call center for card blocking facility for customers of banks
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I am happy with the pace of work (in developing the UPI solution for ICICI Bank). It is also very encouraging the way you are tracking the progress. I am more confident that we can meet the deadline successfully.

Rahul Joshi
Former Head - Digital Channels, ICICI Bank Ltd.

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