CardSafe Card Security App

CardSafe is a minimalistic mobile app (Android, iOS, Microsoft) for ensuring the security of a bank customer’s debit card. Using the app, the customers can:

  • Block/Unblock Debit Cards
    Block/Deactivate and Unblock/Activate their Debit Cards anytime at will.
  • Set Daily Transaction Limits
    Set the Daily Transaction Limits for ATMs, E-Com, and POS terminals for each card.

friendly features

  • Multiple Cards: Manage the safety features of multiple Debit cards—issued by the same bank or by different banks supporting the app.
  • Simple Validation: All debit cards linked to customer’s Registered Mobile Number (RMN) are automatically loaded on the app after OTP validation.
  • Ease of Use: Activate/Deactivate a card by a single click of an ON/OFF button. Set the transaction limit by simply entering the limit amount.
  • Blanket Security Cover: The activate/block actions reflect immediately across delivery channels, such as ATM, POS terminal, or Websites (E-Commerce).

customer benefits

  • Safety, Maximum Time
    Customer can activate a card just before doing a transaction and block the card as soon as done. Protects the card against misuse during its idle time.
  • Control and Self-Discipline
    Customer can set the transaction limit to any amount below the maximum limit specified by the issuer bank. This inculcates financial self-discipline.
  • Emergency Self-Help
    Customer can block a lost or stolen card instantly, without having to go through the tedious process of calling the bank’s customer care number.
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I am happy with the pace of work (in developing the UPI solution for ICICI Bank). It is also very encouraging the way you are tracking the progress. I am more confident that we can meet the deadline successfully.

Rahul Joshi
Former Head - Digital Channels, ICICI Bank Ltd.

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